The Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast

Kim Pollard, founder of Bookkeeper Girl, joins the Profit First Podcast. Kim explains the importance of business growth and money management.

Lisa Robbin Young,business coach and trainer, joins the Profit First Podcast. Lisa explains the art of speaking on stage and selling your product successfully.

Liz Dobrinska, founder of Innovative Images, joins the Profit first Podcast. Liz explains the importance of having the right accountant and tailoring to the needs of your client.

Cyndi Thomason, certified Profit First Professional bookkeeper, and Brent Robinson, founder of Modthink, join the Profit First Podcast. Cyndi and Brent discuss driving profit in social media.

John K. Bates, keynote speaker, communications coach, founder and chief executive officer at Executive Speaking Success, joins the Profit First Podcast. John explains the importance of balancing your business and your health.