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Business owner Nathan Hecht and Disk Jockey Gregg Hollmann join us for Episode 43 of the Profit First Podcast Nathan gives insight to what his software can do for your business and gives tips on protecting your intellectual property. Gregg shares his story of how he grew his DJ business from part-time fun to full time profitability!

Adam Smith and Jonathan Domsky talks about office products that can help protect your company. Jonathan tells us his journey of founding Kidorable and what it’s like to work with factories in other countries.

Dawn Brolin, Managing Member of Powerful Accounting, LLC deep dives into how to save money and increase profit in your business.

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Joseph Shemesh shares his expertise on heat mapping for your website. Ethan Anderson discusses the new age of booking appointments with your clients.

David Knowles sheds some light on the world of credit reporting, and Kacee Johnson talks about how to create a solid business plan for your company.