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Elizabeth Barry talks about the power of personal brand development through storytelling.  Stories about your business can and should evolve over time to keep your audience always engaged.  As Elizabeth says, if you can’t tell it you can’t sell it. That’s how important storytelling is and there is no question that storytelling is a main driver of profit.

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Sally Hogshead talks about how to make your personal brand fascinating, so fascinating that it will drive the highest level of profits to your business. You are about to find out why people pay for not what you do, but for who you are. Plus hundreds of other tips shared by the fascinating author.

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Constance Moonzwe talks about that moment where everything in your life changes and your life’s future and your business’ future changes in a second, how do you navigate that. Constance shares that her husband passed away in a car accident in 2014 and the next the next morning she was the owner of a business and had to deliver services to her clients.  She was able to do that and turn her business from a struggling business to a $6 million+ success and is still growing.  She shares her secrets to growing a profitable business even when your life changes on a dime.

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Nick Gianoullis explains how fun in your office drives profitability.  Simple techniques to make your business be a fun place to work, have employees come in excited to be there and drive profit the whole time.

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Susan Lassiter-Lyons talks about how to raise money for your real-estate business and why those big banks may, in fact, not be the best choice. She explains alternatives such as local banks, private investors and some other sources. She also guides us on how to make your real estate business by adding tack-on-benefits. You don’t make money just through rental income; there’s other things you can do through property.

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Ariel Hyatt talks about how to run a profitable crowdfunding campaign. Ariel is the author of a book called a Crowdstart:The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign and shares the necessary elements in creating a campaign that will bring revenue and profit to the business.  The big hint is that you need to prepare for the campaign well in advance.  The campaign is just the icing on top. Discover all the elements necessary to have your successful and profitable campaign.

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AJ Harper explorse how to write a book that will be profitable because it has impact on your readers.  You are not about to discover the 20-minute method for how to write a book. Instead you are about to discover the method to writing a book that has permanent impact and will bring permanent profits to you.

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Jack Daly is a master of public speaking and sales and shares with us his tips and processes. He really delves into techniques to connect and grow customer relationships by using effective systems.

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Pam Slim discusses the eco-system that surrounds you, not just your clients but other people you may not realize.  She urges us to take a look at the influencers in our life and really evaluate the value they offer us.

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Roger Dooley joins us again to talk about understanding the way our brains work in order to make the best decisions for your business.

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Kieran Lynch talks about his experience of working in the family business, the challenges he faces, the advantages his age in his company provides and everything in between

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Ruby Tan discusses how she navigated personal debt. For many people this type of struggle may devastate their family and maybe even cause people to lose their homes and everything they own… but Ruby was able to navigate it by facing the challenges head on and taking very quick but strategic actions; actions that got Ruby’s family back on their feet and today they’re in a better position than ever before.

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Susan Berkley talks about the power of your voice and how your voice is determining profitability. She explains a moment where she’s calling someone who you think is going to be the most wonderful person in the world and then they have a horrible, whiny voice and how it changes you perspective. It’s not just true in the romantic world, it’s also true in the business world too, if not even more so.  You must have an extraordinary voice to have an extraordinary profit. Susan walks us through dozens of strategies to make your voice the most profitable voice you’ve ever had.

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Jorge Morales and his business partner, Jose Pain talk about how their business was one of the first companies to implement Profit First, over eight years ago. Their business went from $80k to $800k over that time and profitability has skyrocketed. Learn how Jorge gets to go on one vacation a month because of the profitability of his business and how Jose has built his dream house and is now looking to see it to build an even bigger, better one. Plus, they can now predict the future of their business, something they couldn’t have even fathomed.

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 Josh Patrick gives us the elements of mistake making and why they actually help make business more profitable. Discover the can do, will do, fit in rule, along with other rules to make mistakes the most profitable opportunity in your business to date.

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Chef Bailey Ruskus shares the foods to help make you stronger, faster, and smarter. Learn about the foods you should be eating, how you should be eating them, and short cuts to be eating super well, super easily. Because let’s face it, when you’re stronger, faster, smarter, you become more profitable.

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Dave Kerpen talks about the importance of people skills and how it dramatically affects profitability. By following his very specific tips, you can immediately influence the way people perceive you and generate profitable relationships. Dave also explains why accepting a glass of water is one of the smartest things you can do to drive profitability.

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Clay Cark argues that when you say no, you are actually happier and more profitable! This episode he shares the strategies  around the “F5” technique to bring balance to life, and to define your purpose.  Clay also shares some very specific things you can do to grow, by simply saying no!

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Jesse Cole shares fascinating insight on how he had leveraged Profit First to reduce his debt, and strike an extraordinary chord of innovation. Discover why the Savannah Bananas is the most innovative baseball team of our time, how they are radically changing an industry, and as a result, bringing tremendous amounts of profit to their business, and a tremendous amount of happiness to their fans!

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Greg Scully believes using the Surge strategy will help him since he is in a hyper niched business in Alaska and is struggling to grow. Mike Michalowicz lays out a simple formula to grow, which Greg is aware of, but doesn’t think about one element, which may be the game changer. Could it be England?

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Paul Finney talks about how a food business can be profitable! After discovering Profit First, Paul brought on a Profit First Professional to implement our strategies, and now, his profitability is 300% greater than it was in the past.  He is now on a track to make it 500% better, and is paying himself amounts he had never payed himself before. He was even able to reserve money for taxes! All of these things happened because of how he implemented Profit First! Discover his exact method and strategy and the person who helped coach him along. Hint…it’s Marcie Hanhart!

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Jim Coyle answers the question: “is the recession over yet?” Jim’s response may be a bit hard to hear, yet eyeopening.  Discover some insights about what’s going on in our economy and how to stay ahead as a small business owner.

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Frank and Ralph discuss how they have implemented Profit First from day one of starting their business! They share strategies and techniques of how they implement Profit First, which has become a great tool to keep minority partners actively involved/supportive of the business. Too add, by implementing Profit First, within the first two weeks of starting the business, the company took their first distribution check!

Chris Murphy discusses the process of transitioning from a corporate position (where money is given to you), to starting and building your own business and being profitable while doing it!

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Cyndi, Christine, and Ellen discover exactly how to become profitable as an Amazon Seller. We discover special strategies you need to follow and shortcuts on how to become very profitable as an Amazon FBA. If you don’t know what an FBA is, find out in this episode now!

Doug Kisgen shares some interesting insights that happiness does not correlate with money but rather is determined by multiple factors.  He shares his experience working at ‘Boys Town’, helping teenage boys  reintegrate into society to become upstanding citizens.  Doug shares what he has learned from the boys as they went through those life transitions.

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Kirby Hasseman discusses how joy isn’t necessarily entertainment, but giving a friction-less experience to the client throughout, resulting in a very profitable, long-term relationship. Welcome to Episode 101 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Tasha Scott's business is on the brink of a critical decision, does she continue with what she has been doing for 14 years and keep the current business growing, or does she go after her new passion and purpose in life? Today, we discuss a specific strategy to navigate through the situation, where she comes up the most profitable and happiest!

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Jonathan Pototschnik discusses the difference between working in the business vs. on the business and how to make the transition. Jonathan argues the importance of getting to working on the business but also the dip in income you will experience during the process and how to navigate through it. Learn how to gain financial freedom and time freedom, the perfect combination for profitability.

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Vickie Musni explains how understanding the personalities of yourself, your employees, and the people you sell to can dramatically increase your profitability. In this episode you will discover how to quickly evaluate the personalities of people – even if it’s just over the phone – so that you can provide better service to them and skyrocket your profitability.

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Kaman owns an amazon seller business where he sells different products from golf items to toys. His business is implementing Profit First and Mike Michalowicz gives Kaman a few strategies to increase profitability, also explaining that cutting costs can only get you so far; there’s only a little bit of cost cutting that can be done effectively before it hurts the business… but there’s an opportunity in Kaman’s case to become specialist. We also share a really unique strategy to start capturing emails of people who buy through the amazon platform.

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Jason & Jodi Womack, Authors of Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck, join Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran to talk about the importance of momentum in the workplace. Jason & Jodi discuss how having a business partner who is the polar opposite of you can be both your biggest strength and your Achilles heel, depending on how you choose to use both of your skills. They also challenge us to try the 30/30 rule: Work 30 mins/day on something that’s 30 days or more away. If you don’t have time to prioritize building profitability into your business now, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it later?

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Jacqui Rosshandler discusses how she chose to innovate and find new products outside of her industry and what her “Aha!” moment was. We also touch on lessons learned in the process of how to launch a product-based business that gets into mainstream stores, AND how to do it profitably throughout. 

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Greg Wittstock is the founder of Aquascape Inc. and turned a hobby $60 Million dollar company. Greg talks about the rise of his business, the challenges they faced, and how they ensure profitability today.

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Business owner Greg Eisenbeis is now facing a fork in the road on what’s been making money for him up to this point, but his excitement has faded away… and now he’s looking to start a new business that can be a game-changing concept for the world. Greg has found an interesting question to ask himself to determine if he should take the risk of starting this new business or to stick to what’s already made money: 5 years from now when he sits down with his kids, will he be proud of what he’s doing and proud to be sharing it with them? Join Greg on his quest for starting a new business and the decisions he’s facing.

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Welcome to this very special bonus episode of the Profit First Podcast! Mike Michalowicz gives you two bonus audios of his new book, SURGE (Separate, Unify, Rally, Gather, Expand) – one is the introduction to the book and another is the entire first chapter, all for free.

Dr. Zarik Boghossian shares his personal story of being born in Iran and moving to the US, the hardships he faced because of his accent, having no money and how he moved on to successfully develop a software that does the flight navigation for the international space station.

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David Lauterstein runs a $3.2mil retail outlet called Nasty Pig – but that doesn’t mean he’s been profitable! David has implemented Profit First and experienced a turn in his business; we coach him through a couple tips on how to take his business to the next level. Sometimes, bigger questions get bigger answers – and that’s exactly what we guide David through.

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Dr. Rob Garcia explains his life story of how he navigated out of an adverse upbringing and was able to make a extraordinary success of himself. Chock full of tips and strategies that are applicable to any entrepreneur of any level, regardless of your background.

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Chris Curran, our rockstar engineer and Profit First Podcast producer about how some of these ideas came to him as he was producing the show… and how his own business has exploded as a result of implementing profit first and some other strategies! Gain some cool insights, plus hear us play a little song for the first time in studio – we didn’t rehearse (we apologize in advance) but we belted out “Here’s To Us” by Halestorm.

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WARNING: this episode contains references to spiritual and biblical beliefs… and if that scares you off it’s unfortunate. Edwene Gaines talks about the concepts of her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Whether you share these beliefs or not, the rules and guidance you will gain in the next 38 minutes are irreplaceable; Listen in, enjoy, and be prepared to awaken the knowledge you already have inside you to achieve another level of profitability!

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Caitlin implemented Profit First and found that her business was not going the way that she anticipated… so she shut it down and decided to start up a brand new business. On this episode we coach Caitlin through a proper and quick shutdown of what’s not working, and explain how to ramp up a new business – and do it in a very successful way even you don’t have a penny to spend.

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Denny Krahe joins us to talk about the importance of fitness when it comes to the profitability of  your business. We explore how you can implement fitness regardless of what your work schedule is… and the reason why you have no excuse! Plus Denny shares some cool tips and tools you can use to get healthy – at the end of the day it’s very clear that the more fit you are, the higher your energy is and the more profitable your business will be.

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Mike Agugliaro shares how he started a small electrical contractor/plumber business and grew it into a massive home service company that now generates more than $32 million in revenue. The secrets to his success aren’t necessarily what you’d expect… a moment of exhaustion resulted in an explosion of growth. Additionally, Mike shares insights on how he started another business for coaching that plays into his passion. By being his authentic self it attracts customers that resonate with him, growing his coaching business into a wildly profitable one in only a few years.

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Today, President of Stratford Financial Group, Jeffrey Ingalls, joins us to discuss the different insurance requirements businesses have, when you need it vs. when you don’t, and the key to doing it profitably. Many people in the past would go for the best insurance at the cheapest rate, or the most benefits at the cheapest rate… but that’s no longer the way to success. Jeff outlines a strategy to reduce your costs, yet meet your obligations AND come out profitable. Welcome to Episode 84 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Michael O’Neal, host of the The Solopreneur Hour Podcast, shares the different sources and outlets he used to generate money for his show. Michael dives into his implementation of Profit First in his business – and how he’s experienced an immediate, new realization about his profitability. He also asks some great questions on how to take his profitability to the next level. Welcome to Episode 83 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Success coach Jen Sincero unexpectedly takes Kristina through a coaching session on her passion in opera singing, sharing tips like “it’s normal for humans to be afraid of change, but we need to live into our fear to start to grow, expand and live the life of a badass.” One of the most powerful questions Jen asks is “if there was a gun put to your head… if your life depended on it, would you do it?” We have to realize, that our life DOES depend on this decision – you just have to give yourself permission to do what your heart desires. Welcome to Episode 82 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Today, Kathryn Kerby talks about profitability from the aspect of a farmer. If there’s one business that is difficult to make a profit, it’s farming. Kathryn’s farm was struggling to survive and hit rock bottom; when Kathryn found Profit First she implemented it immediately, and now her farm has quadrupled in revenue and slashed costs in the process. Discover how this 20-acre farm turned a financial calamity into a prospering business. Welcome to Episode 81 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Jenny Blake explains that pivoting is about doubling down on what’s already working. At the end of the day regret only comes from not taking action… so have the courage to do it!

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In our most powerful interview of all time, author of The Go-Giver, Bob Burg, joins Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran and Kristina Bolduc on Episode 79 of the Profit First Podcast! The tremendous trio asks Bob the question “how can you be profitable by giving?” Bob shares a remarkable story of different ways that givers come out ahead. Bob provides techniques on the importance of humility and sharing. Kristina share’s a personal story of how her Grandmother defined a significant element of her life by giving an apple when it was the only thing she had to share.

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Nikki Begg ran a profit first analysis of Petals, her business in Bermuda,and finds that she is bleeding money – and now is at the precipice of a decision… does she sell the business, tank the business, or do something else? In this episode we discover there is yet ANOTHER option that Nikki didn’t think about. Mike Michalowicz walks her through an implementation of Profit First and facing the hard decisions you need to make when you run multiple businesses. 

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Today, Keith shares his story of how he was trying to develop a business in hot air ballooning for years while working a full time job. While the business revenue grew, their profitability was never enough where they didn’t have to take on debt and were surviving check by check. The most challenging part for Keith was not making enough of an income to replace his full time job. Keith found and implemented Profit First – and the results are nothing short of magnificent. The most interesting part of Keith’s story is that as the business implemented Profit First it actually spawned faster growth than ever before [we’re noticing a consistent trend here]. When businesses take profit first they are forced to become more innovative and find better ways to do things more efficiently… and in many cases the revenue increases. Among the strategies that Keith used he discovered that he had great employees, but they weren’t doing the great things they should be doing, so he shifted them around. Keith also cut expenses that weren’t working for his business and amplified certain marketing methods that worked extremely well.

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In this episode we discuss the accounting basics that every entrepreneur needs to know. When you’re working with an Accountant, what questions should you be asking them? How often should you be meeting with them? Do you understand the different key financial statements and is your Accountant explaining them to you? How can you more towards forecasting and predicting how your business financials will be? Jody Padar and Mike Michalowicz give us the entire formula to making sure you get that right with your Accountant. Tune in!

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Michelle Villalobos shares her story of launching a membership organization – and how it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Michelle left a corporate position to start her company; it was only after she burned through all of her savings that she was able to start making the turn towards a successful business… but her story wasn’t done yet! It took years to finally get her business to a level of consistent profitability. Then with the implementation of Profit First, Michelle’s business is achieving success and profits to a degree it never has been before. In this episode you will also discover amazing insights to the concept of future self and the ability that we all have to make our own stage. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Julia Pimsleur shares the 8 steps necessary to raise funds – you do not need to do them all, however, you have to be aware of all the steps and take action on at least 5 of them.  Julia also explains all the different sources of funding as well as angel investing and venture capital. She also shares a gaggle of resources that you can visit to find funds in your local community.

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Chuck Parmely owns a $3.2 million dollar overhead door business – which sounds like a wildly successful business until you find out that his company has been in existence for 37 years, barely scratching 1% to 3% profitability; in other words, his business wasn’t making any money and surviving check by check. Chuck has implemented Profit First under the direction of Dr. Sabrina Starling and subsequently, a business that had a $20K loss in 2014 turned around and achieved a $220K profit in 2015, and 2016 is looking even better… all while in a rural area that was experiencing an economic decline. Chuck’s success story has been so impressive that his accountant went out of their way to call him and figure out his formula to success… and that’s what you’re about to find out!

Matt Shoup shares his story of how he went into his business with $170K of debt and turned it into a multi million dollar practice – and in the process became affluent on his own accord. In this episode Matt shares the secrets to becoming successful… the irony is, when it comes to making that first sale (or any subsequent sale), shiny brochures and great references are of no importance; It’s all about finding a common bond with your client. Additionally, Matt explores the game of numbers and how calculating it in a couple dog bites guarantees you a sale. Matt also talks about the power of getting out of your own business and letting the true pros/colleagues run the show.

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Carole Rains is an amazon seller facing the challenge of growing a profitable business where there is a high volume of inventory she needs to purchase. One major roadblock for Carole arose when Amazon lost her order and she had to quickly replace her inventory. In this episode we also discuss some novel approaches to addressing inventory that cost literally nothing and will make those amazon lost shipment problems dissappear. In addition we talk about profit margins and how Carole can dictate at least a 4x markup (or more!) by using simple things like a name change or packaging her products with educational components too.

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This week Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran and Kristina Bolduc interview the Operator of Carnival Day and explore what it’s like to be a manager of a business, but not the owner – and what your relationship to money and profitability is as a result. In this episode we dispel the value of making bold decisions and loss aversion. In Nick’s case, selling his truck may be the best decision of his life. We also discuss feeling the pain in purchasing and the 5% rule when you make a purchase on behalf of the company.

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Melinda McCaw, founder of Melinda McCaw Media navigates how to manage a scenario where your company is dependent on one major client (and what to do about it). We explore a simple strategy of knowing when to make that next hire, give some simple tips around profitability, and  share perspective on revenue per employee. Obi Ron Kenobi (Ron Saharyan) makes a special guest appearance and provides Melinda with great advice on how to reduce the pains of  significant cash ebbs and flows.

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This week we had the privilege of interviewing Jonathan Royce, founder of Hustling Hoagies – a brand new business that delivers hoagies to Univ. of Michigan football games and other local events. Join Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran for a journey with Jonathan as we discuss where he’s making money and where he’s not, as well as the concept of imminent need. We explore where Jonathan has spent money which was of no value, and the technique of using Profit First to pre-allocate money toward profitability AND his own pay to determine how much money is truly available to infuse money back into his business. Welcome to Episode 68 of the Profit First Podcast!

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This week Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran and Kristina Bolduc welcome guest Robin Robins who took her business from $0 in 2003 to $10 million in revenue in 2015. This episode is chock-full of insights including why niche specialization helps grow your business (even if your niche industry collapses), the “enough is enough” stage, how to have a personal cash reserve and a business reserve, and how to diagnose the different products offerings you have and determine individual profitability for each one. Welcome to Episode 67 of the Profit First Podcast!

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Erica Wernick, founder of LA Bound: a business that helps aspiring TV and Movie Actors/Actresses/Experts achieve their goals in Los Angeles. In this episode we learn what a new membership organization is like. We discover the essence of Parkinson’s Law: that every penny made is also spent. We guide Erica through her first step toward Profit First in setting up different allocation accounts, including running a basic profit assessment. In this episode we also explain cost vs. investment.

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Bryn Davis joins Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran to share his inspiring story of how his passion for healthy eating exploded into a booming business.

Matt Perosi and Jamie Doughty join Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran, and Krista Michalowicz to dive deeper into the lives of being an entrepreneur, as well as what it’s like to be married to one.

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Entrepreneur Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost joins Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran, and Kristina Bolduc. Bill deep dives into the common misconception about business financing and gives us some great tips on how to go about getting funding for your company.

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Kevin Davis joins Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran, and Kristina Bolduc for Episode 62 of the Profit First Podcast! Kevin shares his story about his business and what he has been struggling with; Mike gives some great tips on setting up the Profit First system.

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Entrepreneur Leticia Mooney joins Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran for Episode 61 of the Profit First Podcast! Leticia talks about her business goals as Mike gives some great tips on becoming a specialist to skyrocket your businesses success.

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