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Michelle Villalobos shares her story of launching a membership organization – and how it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Michelle left a corporate position to start her company; it was only after she burned through all of her savings that she was able to start making the turn towards a successful business… but her story wasn’t done yet! It took years to finally get her business to a level of consistent profitability. Then with the implementation of Profit First, Michelle’s business is achieving success and profits to a degree it never has been before. In this episode you will also discover amazing insights to the concept of future self and the ability that we all have to make our own stage. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Julia Pimsleur shares the 8 steps necessary to raise funds – you do not need to do them all, however, you have to be aware of all the steps and take action on at least 5 of them.  Julia also explains all the different sources of funding as well as angel investing and venture capital. She also shares a gaggle of resources that you can visit to find funds in your local community.

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Chuck Parmely owns a $3.2 million dollar overhead door business – which sounds like a wildly successful business until you find out that his company has been in existence for 37 years, barely scratching 1% to 3% profitability; in other words, his business wasn’t making any money and surviving check by check. Chuck has implemented Profit First under the direction of Dr. Sabrina Starling and subsequently, a business that had a $20K loss in 2014 turned around and achieved a $220K profit in 2015, and 2016 is looking even better… all while in a rural area that was experiencing an economic decline. Chuck’s success story has been so impressive that his accountant went out of their way to call him and figure out his formula to success… and that’s what you’re about to find out!

Matt Shoup shares his story of how he went into his business with $170K of debt and turned it into a multi million dollar practice – and in the process became affluent on his own accord. In this episode Matt shares the secrets to becoming successful… the irony is, when it comes to making that first sale (or any subsequent sale), shiny brochures and great references are of no importance; It’s all about finding a common bond with your client. Additionally, Matt explores the game of numbers and how calculating it in a couple dog bites guarantees you a sale. Matt also talks about the power of getting out of your own business and letting the true pros/colleagues run the show.

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Carole Rains is an amazon seller facing the challenge of growing a profitable business where there is a high volume of inventory she needs to purchase. One major roadblock for Carole arose when Amazon lost her order and she had to quickly replace her inventory. In this episode we also discuss some novel approaches to addressing inventory that cost literally nothing and will make those amazon lost shipment problems dissappear. In addition we talk about profit margins and how Carole can dictate at least a 4x markup (or more!) by using simple things like a name change or packaging her products with educational components too.

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This week Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran and Kristina Bolduc interview the Operator of Carnival Day and explore what it’s like to be a manager of a business, but not the owner – and what your relationship to money and profitability is as a result. In this episode we dispel the value of making bold decisions and loss aversion. In Nick’s case, selling his truck may be the best decision of his life. We also discuss feeling the pain in purchasing and the 5% rule when you make a purchase on behalf of the company.

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