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Tasha Scott's business is on the brink of a critical decision, does she continue with what she has been doing for 14 years and keep the current business growing, or does she go after her new passion and purpose in life? Today, we discuss a specific strategy to navigate through the situation, where she comes up the most profitable and happiest!

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Jonathan Pototschnik discusses the difference between working in the business vs. on the business and how to make the transition. Jonathan argues the importance of getting to working on the business but also the dip in income you will experience during the process and how to navigate through it. Learn how to gain financial freedom and time freedom, the perfect combination for profitability.

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Vickie Musni explains how understanding the personalities of yourself, your employees, and the people you sell to can dramatically increase your profitability. In this episode you will discover how to quickly evaluate the personalities of people – even if it’s just over the phone – so that you can provide better service to them and skyrocket your profitability.

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Kaman owns an amazon seller business where he sells different products from golf items to toys. His business is implementing Profit First and Mike Michalowicz gives Kaman a few strategies to increase profitability, also explaining that cutting costs can only get you so far; there’s only a little bit of cost cutting that can be done effectively before it hurts the business… but there’s an opportunity in Kaman’s case to become specialist. We also share a really unique strategy to start capturing emails of people who buy through the amazon platform.

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Jason & Jodi Womack, Authors of Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck, join Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran to talk about the importance of momentum in the workplace. Jason & Jodi discuss how having a business partner who is the polar opposite of you can be both your biggest strength and your Achilles heel, depending on how you choose to use both of your skills. They also challenge us to try the 30/30 rule: Work 30 mins/day on something that’s 30 days or more away. If you don’t have time to prioritize building profitability into your business now, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it later?

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Jacqui Rosshandler discusses how she chose to innovate and find new products outside of her industry and what her “Aha!” moment was. We also touch on lessons learned in the process of how to launch a product-based business that gets into mainstream stores, AND how to do it profitably throughout. 

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Greg Wittstock is the founder of Aquascape Inc. and turned a hobby $60 Million dollar company. Greg talks about the rise of his business, the challenges they faced, and how they ensure profitability today.

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Business owner Greg Eisenbeis is now facing a fork in the road on what’s been making money for him up to this point, but his excitement has faded away… and now he’s looking to start a new business that can be a game-changing concept for the world. Greg has found an interesting question to ask himself to determine if he should take the risk of starting this new business or to stick to what’s already made money: 5 years from now when he sits down with his kids, will he be proud of what he’s doing and proud to be sharing it with them? Join Greg on his quest for starting a new business and the decisions he’s facing.

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Welcome to this very special bonus episode of the Profit First Podcast! Mike Michalowicz gives you two bonus audios of his new book, SURGE (Separate, Unify, Rally, Gather, Expand) – one is the introduction to the book and another is the entire first chapter, all for free.