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Frank and Ralph discuss how they have implemented Profit First from day one of starting their business! They share strategies and techniques of how they implement Profit First, which has become a great tool to keep minority partners actively involved/supportive of the business. Too add, by implementing Profit First, within the first two weeks of starting the business, the company took their first distribution check!

Chris Murphy discusses the process of transitioning from a corporate position (where money is given to you), to starting and building your own business and being profitable while doing it!

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Cyndi, Christine, and Ellen discover exactly how to become profitable as an Amazon Seller. We discover special strategies you need to follow and shortcuts on how to become very profitable as an Amazon FBA. If you don’t know what an FBA is, find out in this episode now!

Doug Kisgen shares some interesting insights that happiness does not correlate with money but rather is determined by multiple factors.  He shares his experience working at ‘Boys Town’, helping teenage boys  reintegrate into society to become upstanding citizens.  Doug shares what he has learned from the boys as they went through those life transitions.

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Kirby Hasseman discusses how joy isn’t necessarily entertainment, but giving a friction-less experience to the client throughout, resulting in a very profitable, long-term relationship. Welcome to Episode 101 of the Profit First Podcast!

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