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Clay Cark argues that when you say no, you are actually happier and more profitable! This episode he shares the strategies  around the “F5” technique to bring balance to life, and to define your purpose.  Clay also shares some very specific things you can do to grow, by simply saying no!

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Jesse Cole shares fascinating insight on how he had leveraged Profit First to reduce his debt, and strike an extraordinary chord of innovation. Discover why the Savannah Bananas is the most innovative baseball team of our time, how they are radically changing an industry, and as a result, bringing tremendous amounts of profit to their business, and a tremendous amount of happiness to their fans!

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Greg Scully believes using the Surge strategy will help him since he is in a hyper niched business in Alaska and is struggling to grow. Mike Michalowicz lays out a simple formula to grow, which Greg is aware of, but doesn’t think about one element, which may be the game changer. Could it be England?

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Paul Finney talks about how a food business can be profitable! After discovering Profit First, Paul brought on a Profit First Professional to implement our strategies, and now, his profitability is 300% greater than it was in the past.  He is now on a track to make it 500% better, and is paying himself amounts he had never payed himself before. He was even able to reserve money for taxes! All of these things happened because of how he implemented Profit First! Discover his exact method and strategy and the person who helped coach him along. Hint…it’s Marcie Hanhart!

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Jim Coyle answers the question: “is the recession over yet?” Jim’s response may be a bit hard to hear, yet eyeopening.  Discover some insights about what’s going on in our economy and how to stay ahead as a small business owner.

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