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Jorge Morales and his business partner, Jose Pain talk about how their business was one of the first companies to implement Profit First, over eight years ago. Their business went from $80k to $800k over that time and profitability has skyrocketed. Learn how Jorge gets to go on one vacation a month because of the profitability of his business and how Jose has built his dream house and is now looking to see it to build an even bigger, better one. Plus, they can now predict the future of their business, something they couldn’t have even fathomed.

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 Josh Patrick gives us the elements of mistake making and why they actually help make business more profitable. Discover the can do, will do, fit in rule, along with other rules to make mistakes the most profitable opportunity in your business to date.

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Chef Bailey Ruskus shares the foods to help make you stronger, faster, and smarter. Learn about the foods you should be eating, how you should be eating them, and short cuts to be eating super well, super easily. Because let’s face it, when you’re stronger, faster, smarter, you become more profitable.

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Dave Kerpen talks about the importance of people skills and how it dramatically affects profitability. By following his very specific tips, you can immediately influence the way people perceive you and generate profitable relationships. Dave also explains why accepting a glass of water is one of the smartest things you can do to drive profitability.

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