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Pam Slim discusses the eco-system that surrounds you, not just your clients but other people you may not realize.  She urges us to take a look at the influencers in our life and really evaluate the value they offer us.

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Roger Dooley joins us again to talk about understanding the way our brains work in order to make the best decisions for your business.

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Kieran Lynch talks about his experience of working in the family business, the challenges he faces, the advantages his age in his company provides and everything in between

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Ruby Tan discusses how she navigated personal debt. For many people this type of struggle may devastate their family and maybe even cause people to lose their homes and everything they own… but Ruby was able to navigate it by facing the challenges head on and taking very quick but strategic actions; actions that got Ruby’s family back on their feet and today they’re in a better position than ever before.

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Susan Berkley talks about the power of your voice and how your voice is determining profitability. She explains a moment where she’s calling someone who you think is going to be the most wonderful person in the world and then they have a horrible, whiny voice and how it changes you perspective. It’s not just true in the romantic world, it’s also true in the business world too, if not even more so.  You must have an extraordinary voice to have an extraordinary profit. Susan walks us through dozens of strategies to make your voice the most profitable voice you’ve ever had.

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