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Jason Spencer shares how your entertainment business or your business as an event professional can be more profitable by using Profit First. Jason explains where entertainment businesses unintentionally waste money and compromise their profits and gives some specific steps to making your business more profitable.

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Tess Wicks explains how Profit First can be applied to start-up businesses. A lot of businesses start up and believe they have to put all of their money back into the business until one day it can be profitable.

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Mark Hunter explains, from his experience, how top-talent can drive profitability in the business, can make the business itself grow faster than ever, all while having employees who are thrilled to work for an organization and are compensated at the top of the market for the work that they do.

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A top-performing employee can perform, according to Dr. Sabrina Starling, 900-1200% better than a warm body and as a result you need fewer employees, you need to offer fewer benefits, reducing your overall payroll costs substantially and you have fewer mistakes so you have greater efficiency. Higher the best employees and you have the best profitability you'll ever experience.

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Stanley Genadek argues that there is one marketing platform that actually pays you to market your business. The platform is YouTube.  Stanley outlines the basics to building your YouTube platform for subscribers, for exposure and even to the level that you will make money while advertising for your business.

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