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Jeff McMenamy talks about implementing Profit First in his business and the surprises it brought to him.  He has actually grown his business faster as a result of profitability.  He has been able to accomplish a life dream of his of setting up a garage and an apartment at his cabin house and many more things.

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Believe it or not there is a hustle to chill ratio. Ariane Trelaun explains that hustling all the time is not the right solution. It's talked about, but perhaps there's something that can drive even more profitability and it's this awareness of your profit to chill ratio. Discover the 5 elements that can make it a reality for you and achieve profitability by chilling.

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Ed “Skip” McLaughlin walks us through the ten commandments of profit and explains how these 10 critical components of profit guide you to identify weaknesses in your business that can be fixed, opportunities that can be improved upon and even be a filter for not profitable business to get back on track... starting now.

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You can generate tremendous profits in short periods by leveraging celebrities. Sarah Shaw walks us through a method of connecting with the right celebrities that compliment our product and get our product or service in front of them and leverage that relationship to build our brand and generate the highest levels of profitability.

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