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Can a business give back to the community and actually be more profitable as a result. On this episode with Denise Blasevick of the S3 agency explains how they implemented a new service called SFree where they are giving their services away for free.  Sure enough the business is experiencing all the elements that bring profitability: greater employee retention, more enthusiasm about the business, word-of-mouth referrals, and new business is starting to flow in, all because they started to give away some services for free.

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What if you're fearful of implementing Profit First? You're so close to doing it, but just can't do it. On this episode with Scott Mulvaney, an entrepreneur of three different business offerings, who's almost on the brink of implementing Profit First, but has been sitting there for a long time.  Mike works one-on-one with Scott on getting him started and making sure his businesses are permanently profitable from today forward.

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We follow the remarkable journey of a small business owner of a Brazilian jiu jiutsu academy who was on the verge of giving up after 24 months of an average income of a $100 a month, it was clear he was going to fold the business.  By chance he discovered Profit First while exercising with a friend and within 11 months he experienced growth that has resulted in a personal income of over $7000/month, plus profit, plus money reserved for taxes.

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What if your business got ripped off and substantial amounts of money were taken away and you didn't even know.  Robert Hartline went 3 years and had $300,000 stolen from his business and he didn't even know. Until one day just by chance he discovered that he had an employee working for him that he didn't even recognize, it wasn't an employee and that uncovered an embezzlement that had been going on for 3 years. In this episode learn how Robert was able to get law enforcement involved, save his company, recover the money, and send a bad person away.

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