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Grant explains the impact you can have as a speaker and how you can be more profitable by using very specific strategies.   In this episode you will discover ways to structure a speech by using the "so what, now what" technique. You'll learn about the different audiences you can speak to and dictate an honorarium for it.  You'll also learn why sometimes free speaking is the best speaking in the world.

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Yanik Silver, the founder of Evolved Enterprise, suggests that a business is not just transactional, it can be transformational and even transcendent. Yanik Silver walks us through the steps to having your business have a greater impact in the world.  It's no surprise when your focus is having a greater impact on the world, there will be an amazing impact on your bottom line.

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Andy Buyting is the owner of Carle Publishing and he explains how a newsletter or magazine can help you dominate an industry.  In his own words, "Own the ink of your industry and you will be profitable.  More profitable than any of your competitors."  Andy breaks down how you can use an outsourced party such as his or you can do it on your own.

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Brian Kurtz, founder of Titans of Marketing, makes a powerful argument why direct marketing is a profit center.  Direct Marketing is not limited only to traditional mail campaigns. It can be used for all forms of advertising that invokes a direct response. Brian argues that every marketing effort you make must be track-able and therefore you can determine what marketing is bringing in more profits and what marketing is not.

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