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What if your business had an opportunity to take on the Goliaths of the industry. Vic tells us not only how his company is taking on the established, but also how the Goliaths are starting to collapse and he explains how to do it profitably.  You're about to discover some extremely innovative ways for how to start a media company - literally for $10-100 per article that he ultimately converted into powerful videos and now he's becoming one of the fasted growing companies in his industry.

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Why can't businesses be fun and profitable? On this episode we meet with Ryan Lee and have a hoot of a time talking about growing a business and developing recurring revenue. But it doesn't start out that way.  First, you are going to learn how to get physically fit, how to laugh hard and with that stuff in place than you will learn how to grow a business that generates profits month in and month out.

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Brynn Putnam explains how to grow a profitable business even when you face situations that could close your business.  She overcame not having the finances to start her business.  She overcame challenges with Hurricane Sandy and a poor lease. As a result she became extremely innovative, refined the workout industry and is now incredibly profitable.  You can do the same!

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For years we've been explaining how to become profitable.  This episode we discuss what happens when you achieve those profits.  What if you financial wealth and personal achievements get to the level that you've always dreamed.  Well it happened for John Lee Dumas. As a result a whole new set of challenges presented themselves.  He found a way top reduce his extraordinary tax consequences and gain some other benefits by moving himself and his business to...well you'll find out.

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What if you could badass your brand? Meaning what if you could take your business and represent it in a way that you truly wanted to - all out! Well if you do, Pia Silva says you actually become more profitable and you fall in love with your business.  Pia Silva walks through the steps to make any brand a badass brand, including Kelsey's jewelry business.

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