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Any product can be more profitable by digitizing. Are you already selling a product? Want to make it more profitable? Jason Van Orden will show you the path in Episode 185 of the Profit First Podcast.

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Entrepreneur Leticia Mooney joins Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran for Episode 184 of the Profit First Podcast! Leticia talks about her business goals as Mike gives some great tips on becoming a specialist to skyrocket your businesses success.

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Dorie Clark joins us to talk about her new book, Entrepreneurial You. In her book, Dorie writes about becoming more effective leaders. To become more effective leaders, we need to embrace the best of the entrepreneurial ethos, including:
- A willingness to talk about, and learn from failure.
- A commitment to testing and iterating your products/services - rather than making a big bet and just praying it works.
- The importance of creating multiple revenue streams, to reduce risk and increase overall 'career security.'
- Challenging key assumptions about your industry that hold others back.
- Using creative means to rapidly garner 'social proof' and credibility.

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Mike Agugliaro shares how he started a small electrical contractor/plumber business and grew it into a massive home service company that now generates more than $32 million in revenue. The secrets to his success aren't necessarily what you'd expect... a moment of exhaustion resulted in an explosion of growth. Additionally, Mike shares insights on how he started another business for coaching that plays into his passion. By being his authentic self it attracts customers that resonate with him, growing his coaching business into a wildly profitable one in only a few years.

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Lisa Kuecker is a New Orleans entrepreneur, teacher, artist and momma. She's spent the last 10 years building her own kind of multi-million dollar fitness and wellness empire, while working 20 hours a week because she's kinda obsessed with family time and her next adventure. She's most passionate about changing the future of families all across the world who are fighting a battle against McDonalds, video games, and obesity...and losing. Which is exactly why she's on a mission: to empower thousands of women in fitness and wellness to build profitable businesses, so that together they change the world, one body at a time.

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