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Author Lisa Robbin Young is releasing her newest book, Creative Freedom. In Episode 189 of the Profit First Podcast, Lisa shares the details on how you can own your dream once and for all, without selling your soul ever. 

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Barry Moltz, author of How To Get Unstuck, Bounce, You Need To Be A Little Crazy and other business books joins us for Episode 3 of the Profit First Podcast. Barry explains the extra steps family run businesses must take to be profitable.

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Therapist turned Mindset Master, Kelly Ruta walks us through the money mindset. Get ready to amplify your mind and amplify your income. Welcome to Episode 187 of the Profit First Podcast! 

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Dawn Brolin, Managing Member of Powerful Accounting, LLC joins us for Episode 186 of the Profit First Podcast. Dawn deep dives into how to save money and increase profit in your business.

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