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Warren has helped 3 companies go from $0 to $1 billion, and he's seen other companies go to $0 (after looking promising initially). There are no guarantees in startups, but Warren has learned a lot of lessons on how to approach starting and growing a company from his time at Sequoia.

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The Kings Texas Smokehouse has a new owner,  Steven King.  Business is off to a start, but definitely not profitable.  Steven joins the show to be coached by Ryan Lee, Kelsey Ayres and Mike Michalowicz to get him quickly down the road towards profitability.

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Your ideal prospects and customers have a specialized lingo that they use. Discover to learn their secret language and you'll immediately earn their trust and their money.  Special guest Jeffrey Shaw, the author of LINGO, comes in and shares the 6-step process.

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If your business is a creative business, you can surely still be profitable.  our guest Marina Darlow explains how creative entrepreneurs can channel their ADHD gifted selves to become permanently profitable by using all things systems in their business.

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