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It is critical to take ownership of your finances.  Robert Thomas Bethel understands personally how to turn failing businesses to become profitable.  Starting with rescuing his own auto dealership and subsequently, 77 more,  Robert knows intimately why businesses fail and how to turn them around.

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Any business can become streamlined, including yours. In this episode, Adrienne Dorison explains how to streamline your business, regardless of the size, and as a result, receive way more profit than ever before.

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Conflict may be an inevitable part of life, but you don’t have to give up on new opportunities and growth when employees don’t get along — you can accelerate your company’s progress and profitability instead! Liz Kislik helps us understand why conflict happens and how to prevent, alleviate and learn from it.

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Do you feel guilty taking time away from your business? We explore the benefits of taking space away from your business with Nigel Bennett. Nigel argues in order to be really integral to your priorities and overarching goals for your life and business, you need to distance yourself from the daily operations.  Furthermore, you need to trust the clarity and insight you gain, even if it seems counterintuitive to the path you thought was best.

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