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Are you frustrated with the lack of growth of your nonprofit? Do you fear your nonprofit will never make the difference you intended it to? Our guest Kathleen Janus shows us how to successfully scale your business to have the most impact.  Welcome to episode 245 of the Profit First Podcast!

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There is a common narrative that artists tell themselves: they cannot truly be artists if they treat their careers as businesses. The truth is, you need to embrace your financials and step into your role as a business owner to be able to continue to create your art.  Our guest, Jessica Abel,  will share her story and how she was able to overcome her limiting mindset and become profitable.

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Do you know what a disruptor is? They're the people that blow sh** up in your business so you can put it back together again...better. Our guest, Mike Maddock, will explain more and walk us through the lessons we can learn from the most successful disruptors. Welcome to episode 243 of the Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast!

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There's only one person in the way of you untapping your capabilities: You. There's also one person who can move you out of the way so you can perform at your peak.

That person is already inside you. You just need to unlock them. This other part of you is your Heroic Self and you unlock it with an Alter Ego.  Our guest Todd Herman will walk you through the process of creating and using your own Alter Ego.

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