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So you think you've got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Gino Wickman, author of Entrepreneurial Leap,  is sharing what essential traits an entrepreneur needs  AND the 8 mistakes you need to avoid to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Welcome to a brand new bonus episode of Entrepreneurship Elevated.

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Our very own Kelsey is in the spotlight as the team talks about her role as President of  Obsidian Launch, LLC., the Mike Michalowicz brand. As she navigates us through the challenges the pandemic presents, she's sharing her best practices in communication, hiring, and how she positively inspires the team to drive the business to new and higher ground. Welcome to a brand new bonus episode of Entrepreneurship Elevated.

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What makes small businesses so special is the personal connection those small businesses have the potential to offer.  Ashley Alderson shares with us how to build community and get present in your marketing to help your business survive, on this bonus episode of Entrepreneurship Elevated.

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Chris Reynolds joins us to discuss the neuroscience of your brain in business. How can we stay positive and block out negative thoughts? How does the body respond to stress? What is the best way to maximize Productivity? Chris answers all of these questions and more in this bonus episode of Entrepreneurship Elevated.

Chris Reynolds is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance tactician, international speaker & founder of The Business Method & Get Shit Done Live. The Business Method & Get Shit Done Live both help entrepreneurs scale their businesses rapidly using research driven high-performance productivity techniques. Chris has been a location-independent entrepreneur 9-years, living in multiple countries & traveling the world consistently during that time. Over the years, he has spoken in numerous different countries, created 10 business accelerators in Spain, Brazil & Thailand while interviewing more nearly 400 successful entrepreneurs on his podcast including people like Laird Hamilton, World’s Top Big Wave Surfer, Steven Kotler, NYTImes Best-Selling Author, Jim Rogers, one of the world’s most sought-out investors, & former partner of George Soros, John Lee Dumas, Top Business Podcaster, Casey Fenton, founder of CouchSurfing, & Ron Lynch the marketing mind that took GoPro from $600k to $600 million. Chris was an official juror of the Global Startup Awards in 2019, & currently, he focuses on helping entrepreneurs get to the top of their game in businesses & life through consulting, digital courses, & live events.

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